with Monica Owsichek

with Monica Owsichek

Intuitive Healer, Energetic Coach

Clear & Cleanse Your Energy 

21 Days to Healing and Lasting Change

As an empath, you absorb the stressful energy, emotions, and feelings of the people around you. If you are not actively clearing and cleansing your energy – it will build up and cause blockages in your mind, body, and soul.

Next thing you know, you’re constantly feeling uneasy, uncomfortable, tired, agitated, drained – experiencing headaches, migraines, aches, pains, digestive issues, and more.

You’re invited to participate in the 21 Days to Healing and Lasting Change Program and learn how to clear & cleanse your energy, so you can bring in joy, peace, happiness, freedom, and more.

October 1 – 21, 2023

8:30 am MT/10:30 am ET


Learn the #1 tool that will bring you back to peace. You don’t have to constantly feel overwhelmed by everyone else’s energy. Your body, mind, and soul will thank you.



Feel lighter, and freer each day as you finally release the built-up negative energy you’ve been unknowingly holding on to.


Let’s practice together. If you’ve thought about, talked about, read about, or tried to clear your energy on your own, but find it difficult to remember or are not sure if you doing it right –  come practice clearing and cleansing your energy and make it a part of your daily life.



Experience powerful shifts throughout the 21 days. I will be holding a safe space that will allow clearing and healing on a deeper level.


You get to . . . 

  • practice, practice, practice, so you can master clearing and cleansing your energy on your own.
  • experience 4-6 unique energy-clearing techniques, so that you can find what works best for you. 
    • feel confident knowing what energy is yours and what energy is not yours, so you can stop absorbing the stress and physical symptoms from others. It’s possible to empathize, without taking on someone else’s stress. 
    • connect with like-minded women, you’ll feel less alone and less isolated. 
      • experience powerful (healing) group energy, it happens when surrounded by other empaths.
        • ask any and all questions as you practice throughout the 21 days.

          Clear & Cleanse Your Energy

          21 Days to Healing and Lasting Change

             Program Details:

          Dates: October 1 – 21

          Time: 8:30 am MT/10:30 am ET

          21-days of Energy Clearing Practices – via Zoom – Live Sessions (up to 30 minutes)

          • Each call will begin with a powerful clearing meditation – remaining time for questions and check-ins.
          • 60-minute sessions on the first & last day.
          • Opportunity to practice on your own: (10/15, 10/17, 10/19)
          • Learn 4-6 unique Energy Clearing Practices, so you can find your favorite.
          • Tips & tricks to make clearing your energy a daily habit.
          • Practices to filter/protect your energy.
          • Intention-setting practices.
          • Grounding practices.
          • A total of 10+ hours of clearing and healing.

          If you can’t make it live every day, it’s okay. You will have access to:

          • recordings of all sessions and
          • email support if you have questions throughout the 21 days

          Bonus #1: (3) Recorded Evening Clearing Practices. Listen to this recording every night to get in the habit of clearing and cleansing your energy before you go to bed, so you can have a peaceful night’s sleep.

          Bonus #2: 1:1 Personalized Healing Meditation infused with healing specific to your desired topic – such as relationships, health, or finances. Choose something specific you have been having a difficult time letting go of. (30-minute call) Completed no later than 1 month after the end of the program.

          TOTAL INVESTMENT: $247