Monica Owsichek

Intuitive Healer, Energetic Coach



    • Location: Online, via Zoom 
    • Length: 90-minutes
    • Date:
      • Monday, January XX, 3 pm MST/5 pm EST
      • Recording will be available if you cannot make it live.

    • Cost: $XXX
    • BONUS – A Free Personalized Healing Meditation (to help you clear any blocks, so you can bring in more peace) 

    Peace is the freedom of the mind from annoyance, distraction, stress, anxiety, and obsession.

    It is tranquility . . .

    It is serenity . . .

    Imagine how much freer, and lighter you’ll feel when you find your peace as an empath.

    I know firsthand how being an empath and taking on the stress and suffering of everyone around you will decrease your peace.

    Are you longing for peace? Peace of mind, peace in your body, peace in your life?

    It took me many years of trial and error, but I’ve discovered strategies that helped me find my peaceful empath.

    Join me for the Find Your Peaceful Empath Workshop and learn strategies that’ll show you how to:

                    • understand and separate what energy is yours and not yours
                    • clear out all of the stressful, low-vibration, and negative energy you are unconsciously and consciously holding onto
                    • fill your energy with high-vibration, positive, and peaceful energy
                    • maintain your energy during difficult, challenging times, so you can always return to peace
                    • set healthy, loving, and safe boundaries with the people in your life

      It’s all about energy  – your energy, the energy around you, the energy of others. Some people call it shakti, prana, Qi, mana, etc.

      Do you have an understanding and a connection to YOUR energy?

      As a highly sensitive empath, your energy will change and shift easily and often, depending on who and where you are spending time. It can feel like you are riding an emotional roller coaster.

      But it doesn’t have to be this way. When you implement these strategies, you will discover that you are the master of your energy. You don’t have to allow the energy around you to cause you to constantly feel overwhelmed, drained, burned out, and frustrated.

      It’s possible to feel calm, light, free, balanced, and most importantly at PEACE.

      More workshop details  . . .

          • We will start with a grounding meditation and end with a powerful group healing meditation.
          • This will be a live interactive workshop. Come ready to learn, share, and heal with one another.
          • Recordings will be available if you cannot make it live.

      If you are ready to Find Your Peaceful Empath, sign up today!

      Come experience the shifts that happen to your mind, body, and soul when you invest in YOURSELF and YOUR HEALING.

      It’s time to embrace your sensitivity and see it as a gift – not a life sentence.