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I totally understand.

You are not sure you want to sign up, try, commit to something else right now. You don’t want to be disappointed . . . again.

I remember feeling the same way. I know how hard it was to find help when I realized I had to stop trying and come to terms with living a life without children. I felt alone, isolated. It was like no one knew what to say to me anymore, so they said nothing. Once I stopped actively trying to conceive, all of the supportive resources disappeared.

If you feel lost, stuck or searching for ways to reconnect to your life, then come learn how these 4 stages can help you find Your Pathway to Peace.

can't have kids

– Unlocks your path to peace.
– Helps you become “unstuck.”
– Unwinds your mind and allows clarity to flow.

– Is letting go, NOT giving up.
– Regain control and self-confidence.
– Strengthen your connection to loved ones.

– Releases perfection & negative chatter.
– Allows you to feel free.
– Gain serenity & calmness.

– Celebrate your successes & have fun.
– Feel alive, passionate, confident.
– Gain an internal sense of peace.

After working with Monica, I felt grounded & secure in my own body. I felt she really understood what I needed from our time together.

Brandi, Seattle, WA

Monica was able to connect with me and I was able to relax and feel extraordinary calm. I would recommend her to anyone for a positive intuitive healing experience.

Anna, Fort Collins, CO

Monica was caring and really listened to my needs. She really wanted to help and it felt good to have a safe place to share my thoughts, concerns, and emotional pains.

Jessica, Madison, WI

Let's stay connected. . .

Monica Owsichek

These days I have found my peace. I live with my husband of 17+ years, Dave, and our dogs Waylon and Willie. I am co-creating my life with the Divine, God, Source, Spirit, which provides me the freedom and flexibility to live the life I desire, not a life I “should” be living.

But it wasn’t always this way.