The 4 stages are:

1. Awareness

-is the key to unlocking your path to peace

-is a powerful stage to help you get “unstuck”

How would it feel to begin to unwind your mind and allow the clarity you desire to flow with ease?

3. Release

-is letting go of perfection, of the internal negative chatter

-is about allowing you to feel free, like a weight has been lifted

How would it feel to gain a sense of serenity and calmness?

2. Acceptance

-is letting go, NOT giving up

-is about regaining control and self confidence in your life

How would it feel to enjoy your life and strengthen your connection to loved ones?

4. Gratitude

-is all about celebrating your successes and having fun

-is about feeling alive, passionate

Imagine feeling confident and having an internal sense of peace.

My name is Monica Owsichek and I am an intuitive healer, who has a passion for helping people who have lost their way.

I know from experience what it feels like to lose your way and get stuck in a struggle. Infertility and health issues being the most significant struggles in my life. Years of living with infertility took me down a dark path that was difficult to come out of.

Unable to find a straightforward approach, I took healing into my own hands. Having experienced how difficult it was to overcome a life of struggle, I felt called to provide women a clear path. I turned my struggle into my passion, and now guide women through four stages of letting go so they can find clarity, forward movement, happiness in their lives and their Pathway to Peace.