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Monica Owsichek

Finding peace in your relationships

Navigating your relationships as an empath or HSP can be exhausting and all-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be. In this talk, Monica shares her story of when she realized she was an empath and how it impacted ALL of her relationships. The ones at work, at home, in love, and in friendship. As she learned to embrace her sensitivity many of her relationships did not survive, but the ones that did are stronger than ever. You will hear the most important thing she has learned that has helped her find peace in her relationships.  

Raven Scott Nguyen

How Human Design can help you find love in relationships

Human Design is a growing popular self-development tool that allows you to understand your unique energy blueprint. Learn how to understand how this powerful tool can help your relationships. And relieve the pressure to people please and act according to other’s conditioning as a highly sensitive person.

Amy Stephens


Don’t let the “your too sensitive” comment harm your relationships. Find others who can respect and have deeper and meaningful conversations with you and be of support. When you listen to the signs in your Body, Mind, and Soul you will know when you are on the right path.

Melinda Jacobs


As a highly sensitive person, it can be a challenge to know who or what you are feeling at any given time. This ambiguity can drain your energy levels and can put a strain on your relationships. Today’s conversation will give you some insights about how better boundaries can support you personally and your relationships!

Karrie O’Connor

How a healthy relationship with your job can be the most important of all

Many of us spend more time at work or thinking about it than we do anything else. Have you ever stopped to think about how your work is affecting you energetically and your life outside of work? In this interview, you’ll learn about the benefits of having a career you love for your health, happiness, and relationships, how to spot the signs you might be ready for a career change, and the steps you can take to get started on your journey to a career, and life, you’ll love.  

Jeanne Sullivan Billeci

Empowering Empaths to Attract and Receive a Life Partner

In this interview, Jeanne shares the six keys to help empaths stop attracting draining relationships — such as narcissists and rescue projects — and honor their boundaries, needs, and value so they can call in and receive a partner who supports and elevates them.

Catherine Wilde

Peaceful & Thriving Empath Mom

Join us as we dive into simple yet powerful techniques for cultivating calm and nurturing peace on the journey of motherhood. Discover the power of mindfulness, the art of emotional grounding, and the importance of creating a supportive community that nurtures and supports you. This conversation will transform your perspective of self-care and will give you the tools to set loving boundaries, so you can not only survive but thrive as an energy-sensitive mom!

Hannah Brooks

Why HSPs are meant to have great relationships (and the things that keep us from feeling like it!)

HSPs are cut out for the best, most connected relationships ever, because of certain attributes of our trait. But we often don’t feel this way or see it reflected in our intimate relationship with our spouse. What gets in the way? What can we do to bring out the relational gifts of our traits and really HAVE the best experience in our intimate relationships?

Monica Owsichek

Speaker & Host

bonus: 3 step process to clearing your energy (AIR)

Clearing your energy is the most important practice you need to know when you are an empath or highly sensitive. In this bonus episode, Monica walks you through her 3 step process that will help you feel comfortable with the process, so you can easily make clearing your energy a daily habit. The 3 steps are Awareness, Intention & Release (AIR). Included in this episode is a short meditation using the 3 steps, so you can get some AIR.