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Monica Owsichek

w/Guest Interviewer Alana Fournet

the peaceful empath journey

In this interview, Monica has an open conversation about what being an empath means, how she discovered she was an empath, and her favorite tools that she discovered along the way. Monica shares how she went from feeling like being an empath was something she had to try and hide from – to now feeling like it is her superpower. 

Free Resource from Alana Fournet: radiant powerful you

Elizabeth Clair de Lune

Getting Free from the Narcissist-Empath Relationship Heartbreak

Where many people get tripped up when healing from heartbreak and embarking on creating the loving, alive, soulmate relationship they want is that they don’t address the underlying patterns that make them feel unsafe and insecure.

Leah Kearns

Trusting Yourself Again

In this interview, Leah will share how she found her way back to trusting herself again and the resources she found to continue to experience times of peace and calm as an Empath even in a world of chaos.

Genevieve Solomon

How to use your empathic gift for compassionate healing

Learn how you can heal yourself and others as an empath through compassion. In this interview, Genevieve shares how her perception of compassion changed as discovered she was an empath – it went from feeling overburdened, to becoming ‘walking medicine.’

Tara McGillicuddy

Understand and Overcome the Stress and Overwhelm as an Empath

Stress and overwhelm are both very common for Empaths. During this interview, Tara will share tips, tools, and strategies to help Empaths understand and overcome both the stress and overwhelm that Empaths often deal with. 

Stephanie Zoernack

Empaths and Family Relations: From Frustrating Hostility to Peaceful Presence

In this interview, Stephanie shares how her relationship with her mom evolved from frequent arguments to one of peace and compassion. She will share the techniques she discovered that helped her protect her energy as an empath.

Michelle Agopsowicz

Understanding Trauma as an Empowered Empath

In this interview, we explore a paradigm shift in how we think about trauma and the patterns of coping it creates in our lives. Michelle explains how the experience of trauma has a way of disconnecting us from ourselves. Discover how the exploration of trauma can lead us to become empowered empaths.

De’Nicea Hilton Harper

The Perfect Path to Being an Empath

Where many may find experiencing signs of being an Empath to be overwhelming or even desire to hide from it, De’Nicea saw it as an opportunity to connect with others in a more compassionate way. In this interview, De’Nicea shares the messages she received that will help you accept that everyone is Perfect – Whole and Complete as is. 

Monica Owsichek

Speaker & Host

bonus clearing meditation

Enjoy this clearing meditation that was infused with healing and created with the intention to help you release any low-vibration energy that your mind, body, and soul are ready to let go of. This includes low-vibration that you’ve been onto that is not yours. Imagine how you will feel letting go of expectations, judgments, doubts, fears, and so much more.