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In this exclusive online audio summit, you’ll realize that being an empath – a highly sensitive person, or too emotional is a superpower, not a life sentence. 


You’ll discover you are not alone when you listen to the stories of amazing women that have found their path to being a Peaceful Empath. 

These women will share their most simple, effective, yet powerful strategies to help you stop absorbing the stress & anxiety from everyone around you. 

You’re going to love these interviews.

Meet the speakers

De’Nicea Hilton Harper

The Perfect Path to Being an Empath


How to use your Empathic Gift for Compassionate Healing

Stephanie Zoernack

Empaths and Family Relations: From Frustrating Hostility to Peaceful Presence

Michelle Agopsowicz 

Understanding Trauma as an Empowered Empath

Tara McGillicuddy

Understand and Overcome the Stress and Overwhelm as an Empath

Leah Kearns

Trusting your Self Again

Elizabeth Clair de Lune

Getting Free from the Narcissist-Empath Relationship Heartbreak

Monica Owsichek

The Peaceful Empath Journey

Meet Your Host

Monica is an intuitive healer and helps women embrace their empath, so they can let go of constant overwhelm, exhaustion, and overstimulation and find their path to peace.

Monica is also an empath and has been told that she is too sensitive and a super feeler. For a long time, it caused her to feel like she didn’t belong and like no one understood her. 

Before Monica realized that she was an empath it caused a lot of overwhelm, depression, stress, anxiety, uneasiness, and so on. Once she discovered she was an empath she was able to learn how to see it as a gift, not as something that was wrong with her. It is now her superpower.


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