Healing Meditations

Congratulations on making the conscious decision that you’re ready to reduce your stress, control anxiety, and more.

Each of these meditations has been blessed and infused with healing that will help you clear any energetic blocks you may be holding onto consciously and unconsciously related to your relationships, health, finances, and career.

I can’t wait for you to experience healing!

If you can – find a quiet space where you can be alone the first time you listen – so you can connect to the intention and power of your meditation.

I invite you to listen often – especially when you are needing to slow down, tune in, and feel some shifts.

Music by: Music of Wisdom, meditationmusiclibrary.com
Music by: Chris Collins, indiemusicbox.com
Music by: Chris Collins, indiemusicbox.com
Music by: Music of Wisdom, meditationmusiclibrary.com

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These meditations are infused with Monica’s gift of energy healing. Finally! A way to do inner work without having to work so hard. Everytime I listen, I am more calm and clear.


I’ve always aspired to meditate but found it difficult for my ADD brain until I discovered Monica’s meditations. They are deeply thoughtful and real. The length is perfect. I started listening while walking then listening again and again. It’s simple to follow along and my brain is focused and relaxed.



I Was Mortified!

After listening to some episodes of the podcast Mortified, which features adults sharing the embarrassing things they wrote as kids. I decided to look through some of my old journals.  I came across some entries from when I was in my mid-20s. It was interesting to...

Can You Let it Be?

Can you let it be? Or are you someone that feels the need to dig in, figure it out, and get to the root cause - so that you can understand the reason something happened or didn’t happen? I would say that I’ve been more the type of person that likes to dig into things,...

How Are Your Family Dynamics?

As an intuitive healer, I focus a lot on energy. My energy, the energy of the things, people, places around me. Everything in the universe is made up of energy. We are all made of energy and it is always changing and shifting.  How aware are you of your energy? Do you...

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Monica Owsichek

These days I have found my peace. I live with my husband of 17+ years, Dave, and our dogs Waylon and Willie. I am co-creating my life with the Divine, God, Source, Spirit, which provides me the freedom and flexibility to live the life I desire, not a life I “should” be living.

But it wasn’t always this way.