Healing Meditation: Relationships

If you can – find a quiet space where you can be alone the first time you listen – so you can connect to the intention and power of your meditation.

I invite you to listen often – especially when you need to slow down, tune in, and feel some shifts.

I have blessed and infused this meditation with healing that will help you clear any energetic blocks you may be holding onto consciously and unconsciously related to your relationships.

I can’t wait for you to experience healing!

Did you love this meditation?

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After working with Monica, I felt grounded & secure in my own body. I felt she really understood what I needed from our time together.

Brandi, Seattle, WA

Monica was able to connect with me and I was able to relax and feel extraordinary calm. I would recommend her to anyone for a positive intuitive healing experience.
Anna, Fort Collins, CO

Monica was caring and really listened to my needs. She really wanted to help and it felt good to have a safe place to share my thoughts, concerns, and emotional pains.
Jessica, Madison, WI

Monica has a gift for helping me see what I can’t see on my own. I  have a new sense of peace in my day-to-day life and have overcome some big blocks I didn’t even know were in my way!
Alana, Fort Collins, CO


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Monica Owsichek

These days I have found my peace. I live with my husband of 17+ years, Dave, and our dogs Waylon and Willie. I am co-creating my life with the Divine, God, Source, Spirit, which provides me the freedom and flexibility to live the life I desire, not a life I “should” be living.

But it wasn’t always this way.