intuitive healing sessions

Would you like more individualized healing? Are you ready to release energetic blocks that have been holding you back? Maybe you are not sure you have any blocks or what energetic blocks are. 

Whatever your response is, it is perfectly normal. Your energetic blocks may be on a conscious and/or unconscious level. You do not need to be completely aware of what they are.

Here are just a few signs that you have blocks to release:

  • you feel stuck in life
  • you have lost touch with your goals, your passions
  • you would like your life to be different
  • you have experienced a loss – of a dream, a goal, a loved one
  • you have a difficult time making decisions
  • you compare yourself, your life to everyone around you
  • you are waiting for something, someone else to change before you allow yourself to
  • you are great at taking care of everyone else

Single session: $88

3 package sessions: $224 (15% savings)

6 package sessions: $422 (20% savings)