Everyone has experienced trauma in their lives, albeit at varying degrees. No one is immune. In the simplest terms, trauma is created when there is an unwanted change. As a whole, we don’t like change. It can create fear and make us feel uncomfortable.

Here are some examples of trauma (unwanted change) you or someone you know may have experienced:

  • The loss of a relationship – divorce, break-up with a partner, a friend, or a family member.
  • The loss of the idea of how you thought your life was going to unfold. This could be related to a career, finances, relationship, family, etc.
  • Bullying, either physical or verbal. It could be as simple as a comment made to us by a mentor, a teacher, or a parent when we were a child. The comment can stick with us for years and years – such as “you will never succeed or you are not smart.”
  • Emotional or physical abuse that occurred during childhood and/or adulthood.
  • The loss of a dream, a goal, a pet, or a loved one.
  • Miscarriage, infertility, childlessness by circumstance.
  • A financial setback.
  • A life-threatening illness.
  • A serious injury or accident.
  • Witnessing traumatic events.

There are situations when the trauma may not have felt significant at the time, but as the years have passed you now realize that the event was traumatic and it did have an impact on you and your life.

When we experience an overwhelming traumatic event, our unconscious mind can shift into a “protection” mode. This can look like minimizing or completely blocking out the event that occurred.

Unfortunately, our society doesn’t teach us how to move through, process, and heal our trauma. We are taught to brush it off, not talk about it, be strong, ignore it, etc. This causes us to feel shame and guilt about what happened and reinforces us live with unhealed trauma.

Unhealed trauma negatively impacts our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states. Relationships become strained, our outlook on life diminishes; our confidence decreases; anxiety increases; we feel stuck in life; we develop chronic aches and pains; digestive issues; our trust in ourselves, in others, and in life decreases, and so much more.

Are you ready to heal your trauma and:

  • unlock your path to peace, freedom, and beyond
  • gain clarity on what you want versus what you don’t want in your life
  • let go of the thoughts that you are not doing enough, that you are not enough
  • make yourself a priority in your life WITHOUT the guilt, shame, or feeling selfish
    be seen and heard by your family, friends, co-workers
  • treat yourself with the same love and compassion that you treat the people in your life
  • “press play” and be an active participant in your life
  • find true joy and happiness in your life
  • begin living the life you truly desire, NOT the life you think you “should” be living

When you sign up for a Trauma Healing session you will experience a powerful yet gentle transformative angelic healing. You will be safely guided through an energetic “trauma healing process” that will allow your cells, body, mind, and spirit to release any trauma it’s holding onto.

How would it feel to let go of the hold that trauma has on you – WITHOUT having to re-hash, re-live, or re-play all of the details?

1-hour Pathway to Peace – Healing Trauma – $119


After working with Monica, I felt grounded & secure in my own body. I felt she really understood what I needed from our time together.

Brandi, Seattle, WA

Monica was able to connect with me and I was able to relax and feel extraordinary calm. I would recommend her to anyone for a positive intuitive healing experience.
Anna, Fort Collins, CO

Monica was caring and really listened to my needs. She really wanted to help and it felt good to have a safe place to share my thoughts, concerns, and emotional pains.
Jessica, Madison, WI

Monica has a gift for helping me see what I can’t see on my own. I  have a new sense of peace in my day-to-day life and have overcome some big blocks I didn’t even know were in my way!
Alana, Fort Collins, CO


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Monica Owsichek

These days I have found my peace. I live with my husband of 17+ years, Dave, and our dogs Waylon and Willie. I am co-creating my life with the Divine, God, Source, Spirit, which provides me the freedom and flexibility to live the life I desire, not a life I “should” be living.

But it wasn’t always this way.