I am excited to connect with you to create a powerful Personalized Healing Meditation!

I love meditating and creating meditations. I would love to create a special one just for you!

Investment: $77

Whether you are new to meditation or currently have a meditation practice, this is a unique option just for you!

A Personalized Healing Meditation is tailored to a topic of your choice. Your topic can be something you want to:

  • heal and let go of, such as – a struggle, hardship, conflict, difficult decision, physical ailment, loss, or any other stressor in your life
  • bring more of something into your life, such as – peace, love, honesty, trust, connection, truth, freedom, joy, calm

Another option is a healing meditation that focuses on helping you clear, protect, and/or maintain your energetic boundaries.

You get to choose your topic. It can be related to your health, finances, your career, relationships, grief, loss, etc. It can also be an overall healing meditation that will allow you to energetically release what you are ready to let go of, so you can let in what you are ready to bring into your life.

During our time together, I will be holding a safe, sacred space for us. I will guide you through a live meditation, infusing it with healing specific to your topic – clearing any energetic blocks that arise – that you are ready to let go of – which will allow your vibration to rise.

Imagine how it will feel to allow your body and mind to gently release the blocks it has been holding on to – and to gently bring in more peace into your life.

Stress has been steadily increasing in our society and it’s a fact that it takes a toll on our health when we do not acknowledge, cope and/or manage it.

Meditation and energy healing are two tools, that when combined are gentle, but powerful at decreasing stress while helping you find your unique path to peace.

Here’s what is included when you sign-up:

    • 30-minute call (via Zoom)
    • brief chat regarding the topic of your healing meditation
    • initial grounding meditation
    • Live (Personalized) Healing Meditation (15 – 20 min)
    • a recorded copy of meditation, so you can re-listen at anytime


    This was a very unique experience because it was so personalized.

    I really appreciate how you helped me get very clear on a specific focus before the meditation began. It made the meditation feel so much more powerful than I’m used to. 

    Instead of just meditating and being calm (which is great in itself), I felt like I was healing and creating real transformation all at the same time.

    In this case, it really helped me change my energy with my daughter and we don’t have the battles we were having before. It almost seems too easy. 

    ~ Alana

    I have been struggling with negative thoughts and fear of rejection or not feeling good enough in several of my relationships lately.

    The guided meditation that Monica created with me has really helped me to become more aware of this negative self-talk, be present with them, and visualize them being moved out of my body, and transmuted into pure loving energy.

    This is such a useful tool in that it can be used for a specific present challenge. I would love to have several more of these personalized meditations that address specific challenges in my life.



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    Monica Owsichek

    These days I have found my peace. I live with my husband of 17+ years, Dave, and our dogs Waylon and Willie. I am co-creating my life with the Divine, God, Source, Spirit, which provides me the freedom and flexibility to live the life I desire, not a life I “should” be living.

    But it wasn’t always this way.