I was catching up on life with a friend that I haven’t seen in a while. She recently left a job she worked at for the past 15 years. I asked her how the transition was and if she kept in touch with friends from her old job. 

She said no, that since she has left she has not communicated with them. It sounded odd because she had known these women for almost 15 years and they used to see each other outside of work regularly.

She went on to explain how it was strange and that it used to bother her, but she couldn’t do anything about it – so she had to let it go.

It was interesting to observe how different her body language was versus the words she was using. She was visibly agitated. Her voice was getting louder, she was fidgeting and became more animated as she talked about these women.

I was curious about the disconnect, so I asked her if it was still bothering her and she said, “Monica, I’m fine. It is fine. I have worked through it. It’s in the past!”

Whoa! You could feel the tension radiating out from her body. I quickly changed the subject. It was not my intention to upset her.

It made me think about how avoiding our true emotions can affect not only our emotional state but also affects our physical state.

When we avoid processing our emotions, especially the difficult ones, they don’t just go away. They build up and get stuck in our bodies and it causes a disconnect between our mind and our body.

It is a way we protect ourselves from difficult feelings, emotions, and situations in our life. I believe there are many reasons why this can happen. Here are a few of them:

  • You were surrounded by many people that avoided feeling their (difficult) emotions – so you also began to avoid them.
  • You are a people-pleaser and do not want to say or do anything to upset anyone – so you don’t express how you feel out of fear that you will hurt the other person’s feelings.
  • In the past, someone close to you reacted poorly when you expressed your emotions and it caused you to hold back in future situations.

Over time, as you avoid, ignore, or try to push away the difficult emotions, the disconnect between your mind and body gets stronger and stronger – causing an increase in stress and tension in your life.

So what can you do? I have found that energetic healing and meditation have been the most impactful at helping to reconnect the mind and the body.

When you can slow down and tune in, you can energetically loosen, release and heal the built-up stress and tension in your body. It can give you immediate relief.

The purpose of meditation is to make our mind calm and peaceful. There are many different types of meditations you can try. It takes practice – but it is worth it.

Intuitive/energy healing can loosen and heal the built-up emotions on both a conscious and unconscious level. You do not need to talk about them, re-live them, or overanalyze them. You can simply choose to let them go.

When combined, meditation and energy healing is a gentle, yet powerful practice to decrease your stress while helping you find peace.

The best cure for the body is a quiet mind.” Napoleon Bonaparte