Is there someone in your life that upsets you – a lot? Are they someone important in your life? You love and care about them, but something always seems to happen, and the next thing you know you get annoyed, agitated, or upset by something they said or did.

When we allow someone to make us feel a certain way, we are handing over our “energetic” power to them. It can happen on an unconscious level. However, if it has been going on for a while and has become a habit, you may know on a conscious level that it is happening – but are having a difficult time changing the habit. Either way, it doesn’t feel good to you or to them.

It goes back to what I have talked about in the past, which is that we are responsible for how we feel. You can read about that here and here. This time I want to talk about the energetics of allowing someone to take your power.

We are all made up of energy and that energy is always shifting and changing depending on what is going on around you. When you allow someone to make you feel a certain way, you are handing over your power to them. You are allowing them to shift your energy to a low vibration, negative energy.

Here are 2 quick, easy practices you can use the next time you going to be around someone that can get you easily riled up.

First, you want to CLEAR yourself of any dark, negative, and low vibration energy. Find a quiet space where you can be alone and get in a comfortable seated position. Take a deep breath in and let it out.

Now, place a hand on your heart. Visualize any dark, negative, low vibration energy that your cells or tissues are holding on to being gathered underneath your hand. Scan your body, moving from your toes all the way up through your head, and visualize all the energy your cells and tissues no longer need – the dark, negative, low-vibration energy, moving underneath your hand that is on your heart.

Once you feel like you have gathered what you can, take three deep breaths in and out. As you exhale on the third breath – gently lift your hand and visualize all the dark, negative, low vibration energy transmuting and transforming into pure loving energy and floating away.

Next, you want to PROTECT your energy. Visualize a light globe or a force field that envelops you and extends approximately an arm’s length away. Now imagine filling up your light globe with divine love or any feeling that resonates with you, such as gratitude, patience, joy, etc. This will create a safe, energetic boundary between you and anyone you are going to be spending time with.

You can CLEAR and PROTECT yourself before interacting with anyone in your life, not just the ones you typically get upset with. As you become more familiar and comfortable with these practices, you will begin to feel the energetic shifts as you take your power back. For instance, you may start to catch yourself before you get agitated or you will start to feel less drained after being around them.

There have been times when I have needed to go back and CLEAR my energy again after being around certain people. I encourage you to play with these practices and find what feels best to you. For me, they have been lifesavers and have helped me to take back my energetic power. I know they can help you too!

Take your energy back, take your power back.” Lalah Delia