This past weekend I was robbed. Someone smashed the driver’s side window of my car and stole my purse. I couldn’t believe it!

It was a beautiful peaceful winter day. There was light snow coming down. It was chilly, but my girlfriend and I decided to bundle up and meet for a walk in a local nature area. I’ve been to this nature area many, many times over the years. I’ve parked my car in this parking lot many, many times.

It was such an awful feeling to walk up to my car and see glass shattered everywhere. Then to realize that my purse was gone.

Immediately, I felt cold and shaky and my stomach dropped. I felt violated – someone purposefully smashed my car window and took my belongings.

I quickly walked over to my girlfriend’s car to let her know. She had me get into her car to try and warm up as she dialed 911 to report the break-in.

A policeman was there in less than 10 minutes. He explained that it was something that has been happening in the area and how important it was to not walk alone. He also said he wasn’t going to lecture me – BUT I should consider this a lesson in not leaving valuables in my car. 

Oh yes, I heard him loud and clear. The thoughts had already been running through my head, “Why did I leave my purse in the car? I know better. Ugh. This is my fault. Why did this happen to me?” All the “should have, could have” thoughts were running through my head. Not to mention I had a chill running through my body that I could not seem to shake – even though I was sitting in a heated car.

I spent the rest of the afternoon canceling credit cards, calling my insurance company, rekeying the locks in our house (yes, my house keys were in my purse), and trying to warm back up.

I am grateful that no one was hurt. Yes, it’s a pain in the butt to cancel credit cards, deal with getting my car fixed, get a new driver’s license, and replace everything that was stolen, but I know that it doesn’t do me any good to beat myself up about it. It happened. It’s now in the past. I am dealing with the consequences. I am human. I make mistakes.

For me, it is a process of how I can return to PEACE. When something happens in life and spins me out, my goal is to find my way back to peace. Sometimes it’s easier said than done. Sometimes it takes me a little longer. 

It is funny how sometimes things are easier said than done. Why is it easier to talk to someone and let them know how “they should not beat themselves up, or how they need to forgive themselves, how they need to let it go.” But then it can be difficult to talk to ourselves with the same compassion we give to others.

I do believe things happen for a reason. I see this experience as a reminder, as a lesson to be more careful and mindful. I know I tend to be very trusting and don’t want to believe that someone would break into my car and steal my purse – but I also want to remember to be safe.

My process for returning to peace includes compassion, forgiveness, and letting go. It also includes clearing my energy, getting grounded, meditating, journaling and so much more.  

Do you have a process for returning to peace when life happens and you get knocked down or spun up?  

Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.”  Dalai Lama