How do you handle difficult emotions? Do you allow yourself to feel them, sit with them, move through them or do you ignore them and hope they will go away? Maybe you replace them with positive thoughts? I used to try and hide from mine, particularly when I was in my infertility hole. I thought I was taking care of myself by making pretend everything was okay, but in reality, I was creating havoc in my body. The longer I hid from my emotions, the worse I would feel, not only emotionally, but physically.

There was a definite correlation between my emotions and my physical health, although, it wasn’t until I learned ways to identify, move through and release my emotions that I could see it. I became aware that when I hid from my emotions for too long, my body would try to get my attention by manifesting health issues – migraines and eczema being the most prominent I experienced.

Last time I shared how with the guidance and support from intuitive healers, I was able to slowly release the tight grip I had on the kink that was blocking my emotions. Although it wasn’t easy, this process helped me reconnect with my own intuition. I became more conscious of the signals, warnings and nudges that my body provided when I was not dealing with my emotions.

I still experience infrequent bouts of eczema and migraines, but now I see them differently. I stop, listen and check-in to see what my body is trying to tell me.

Here are some questions I may ask myself:

1) Is there something I ate that may have caused this?

2) Is there something going on in my life that I am feeling stressed about and am I avoiding the situation?

3) Is there anything new going on in my life?

4) What do I need?

After asking these questions, then I am quiet and I listen to what I need to do to take care of myself. This changes each time but can include: talking with someone, journaling, meditating, crying, screaming, laughing, going for a walk, etc.

It is a practice that can take some time to get used to. I sometimes still find myself pushing my difficult emotions aside. Although when this occurs I know I will be okay because my body will continue to nudge me until I listen and take care of myself.

“When you resist your painful experiences, you ignore the guidance they offer.” Gary Zukav