It’s that time of the year again – the end of it! I can’t believe 2022 is coming to a close. We will have to get used to writing 2023 soon.

I’ve never been consistent in writing down what my goals are for the upcoming year. Instead, I like to get clear on what my intention(s) are – knowing they can change and shift throughout the year – as I do.

I thought I would share my intention-setting practice with you. You can use this practice to set a yearly, monthly, weekly, or daily intention(s). Whatever feels right to you.

To get started, you may want to take a moment to consider what your core values are, then you can choose the intention(s) that align with these values.

Check out this list of core values for some ideas.

Once you have chosen your core values we can begin the practice. 

  1. Grab a journal, something to write with, and find a comfortable, quiet place to sit.
  2. Get grounded in your space.
  3. Clear your mind and the space around you.
  4. Place your right hand on your heart, relax, and gently tune into the rhythm of your breath.
  5. Considering your core values, ask yourself, “What is my intention? What is in alignment with my core values? What do I want to bring more of into my life?”
  6. Be patient and allow whatever comes up to come up – without judgment.
  7. Once you have your intention, repeat it to yourself. You can say “I intend to . . . or I am . . .” and fill in your intention.
  8. As you repeat your intention, connect to how living your intention would feel, look, and sound. Picture a mental movie, a vivid dream of your intention as if you are already living and embodying it.
  9. Take your time and when you feel ready, write down your intention – and anything that came up that you want to remember.

That’s it! I hope you find it useful as we move into 2023.

You create your reality with your intentions.” Gary Zukav