How often do you ask yourself – “What is my intention?” It is something I do often. It helps me set the tone of what I am going to be doing, where I am headed, who I am going to be spending time with, etc. I find there is a difference in my energy – in how I show up – when I set an intention.

Let’s use the holidays as an example since they are coming up. This is an important time to set intentions. More than likely you are going to be spending more time with family, which is great. Although sometimes wounds can get triggered, things get said or not said, looks are given, and next thing you know it can turn into a shit show.

Here’s my intention for family gatherings this year, “I love and accept my family members exactly how and where they are at.” This intention will help me to remember it is not my job to fix them, change them, and/or make them see things “my” way. I will love them exactly how they are.

I am not saying that setting an intention is going to ensure that everyone in your family gets along and that there will be no drama – but it can help you from being pulled into it all. Think of it as your foundation. It will keep you grounded. It is a reminder to yourself on how YOU want to show up.

Sometimes we can get caught up in focusing on how we want the people around us to show up, but remember we are 100% responsible for how we feel.

Is there someone in your life that always gets you riled up or agitated? You love them, you believe they have a good heart, but something they say pokes at you and leaves you feeling blah. Next time you are planning on spending time with them, set the intention, “I am responsible for how I feel.” This is your reminder to not allow this person’s comments, opinions, and/or energy to get under your skin. It may also help to use your intention as your mantra.

Maybe this year you will not be spending time with your family. You can also set an intention before you head into a meeting, go to work, get on a phone/video call, meet friends, run into a store, spend time with your partner/spouse, children. Basically, before you do or go anywhere. It can also be when you are going to be spending time on your own.

Think of an intention as an internal reminder of how you want to show up. It can be as simple as setting an intention to take deep breaths often.

Here are some examples of intentions to get you started:
I am responsible for how I feel.

I have compassion for myself and others.
I am honest.
I am fully present.
I am at peace.
I listen more than I talk.
I am patient.
I am calm.

I love unconditionally.
I forgive myself and others easily.
I let go of perfectionism.
I let go of outcomes.
I see the good, the divinity, in each person I spend time with.
Now it is your turn. What are some intentions you would like to set for yourself?

I suggest thinking ahead and playing with what intentions feel the best to you for different situations. It takes some practice to remember to set your intention. However, once you get in the habit, it will make a huge impact on your health and well-being.

Our intentions create our reality.” Wayne Dyer