Relationships – sometimes they are great and sometimes they are not so great. Are you nodding your head up and down with me?

For example, they can fill us with happiness, joy, pleasure, love, excitement or sadness, grief, stress, fear, and anger – to name just a few emotions. This can be relationships with parents, siblings, partners, spouses, friends, co-workers, children, acquaintances, neighbors, etc.

It feels great when we are filled with positive emotions. We feel connection, peace, and compassion. It feels good.

However, what about when our relationships fill us with less positive or negative emotions? It can feel heavy, uneasy, or unsettling. It doesn’t feel so good.

Did you know these negative emotions can get stuck in your mind, body, and soul – for days, weeks, months, or years? Sometimes this happens on a conscious level. We are not ready to let go and we hold on to the anger, stress, grief, etc.

Then other times it happens on an unconscious level. We take in the negative emotions of the people around us and we unknowingly hold on to them.

So what can you do? First, you want to release and heal the negative emotions that you’ve held onto and that have gotten stuck in your mind, body, and soul.

This is something I do regularly through meditation. I know that if I am not conscious, I can easily take on other people’s sh!t and need to release it.

I recorded a meditation that walks you through loosening, releasing, and healing the negative emotions you may be holding on to – related to your relationships. These emotions build up and show up as stress in your life – emotional, physical, and spiritual stress.

You can listen here

In addition to releasing the built-up negative emotions your mind, body, and soul have been holding on to – you can also begin to consciously stop taking on the negative emotions of the people around you. 

I know, believe me, I know – that sometimes this is easier said than done. It is something I am actively working on. It takes patience, practice, and awareness. Lots of awareness.

Some people are great at not taking on the negative emotions of others. I am working on being one of these people. However, I know there are still times – especially with certain people in my life – when I have a difficult time letting go of the negative emotions that come up.

This is when I come back, listen to this meditation and celebrate that my awareness is increasing.

When you let go, you create space for something better.” Author Unknown